We're Celebrating our 50th Birthday
Date Added 16.04.2024
On the day that Holmach Ltd celebrates 50 years of thermal processing innovation, our Managing Director Chris Holland would like... > more
Holmach and Lagarde Autoclaves: Revolutionising Potato Processing with Steam/Air Retorting
Date Added 26.03.2024
The demand for convenient, high-quality potato-based products is booming, from ready to heat mashed potato and potato topped... > more
High Pressure Processing (HPP) of Vitamin Shots to Ensure they’re as Nutritious as it Says on the Bottle
Date Added 07.02.2024
Holmach Ltd and UHDE GmbH showcase the health benefits of HPP   With the UK demand for vitamin shot drinks soaring,... > more
From Napoleon's Campaigns to Your Kitchen: Celebrating Canned Food Month with a Legacy of Innovation
Date Added 01.02.2024
February is Canned Food Month, a time to appreciate the humble can that revolutionised food preservation and continues to nourish... > more
Holmach Ltd & Lagarde Autoclaves Offer a Strategic Advantage for Meat Manufacturers in the Slow-Cooked Market
Date Added 23.01.2024
As the culinary landscape shifts towards slow-cooked comfort, Holmach Ltd are inviting food manufacturers to capitalise on... > more
Native Starches - Going Back to Basics can Equal Significant Cost Savings
Date Added 14.12.2023
Perfitherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Represents the Perfect Solution to Lower Production Costs of Personal Care, Laundry and... > more
Holmach Says Goodbye to Paul Jordan
Date Added 19.09.2023
It is with huge sadness that we have to advise that Paul Jordan, Holmach’s Engineering Manager, passed away after a short... > more
Study Finds that Vitamin C is Not Destroyed or Reduced During Thermal Processing
Date Added 19.09.2023
A study published in the journal Food Science & Nutrition has found that vitamin C is not destroyed or reduced during thermal... > more
High Pressure Processing Solution for Decontamination of Raw Pet Food
Date Added 28.06.2023
High Pressure Processing Solution for Decontamination of Raw Pet Food Holmach Ltd and UHDE GmbH introduce a process solution... > more

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