Holmach and Lagarde Autoclaves: Revolutionising Potato Processing with Steam/Air Retorting

The demand for convenient, high-quality potato-based products is booming, from ready to heat mashed potato and potato topped ready meals, through to par cooked roast potatoes. Consumers crave restaurant-worthy textures and flavours without sacrificing convenience, whilst food service operators need streamlined solutions that maintain quality and minimise waste.

Fuelled by shelf-life demands, frozen products have dominated this space but with these methods being expensive to maintain and limiting distribution options, manufacturers are making a proactive move towards ambient or chilled distribution.

This is where Holmach and Lagarde Autoclaves come in, offering a game-changing solution with steam/air retorting:

Food Safety First: Lagarde autoclaves deliver exceptional pasteurisation and sterilisation, eliminating harmful bacteria without compromising the delicate nature of potatoes. This translates to extended shelf life without compromising quality, ensuring food safety throughout the supply chain.

Unlocking Flavour and Texture: Lagarde's innovative approach utilises a precise steam/air combination. This ensures even and gentle cooking for all potato products, from delicate fries to fluffy mashed potatoes. Unlike traditional methods, Lagarde technology preserves the natural flavour and texture of potatoes, guaranteeing a consistent culinary experience for consumers and chefs.

Nutritionally Conscious: Consumers are increasingly health-conscious. Lagarde's steam/air technology allows manufacturers to create healthier potato options by eliminating the need for artificial preservatives. This caters to the growing demand for natural and nutritious ingredients, without compromising on taste or texture.

Sustainable Practices: Holmach and Lagarde prioritise sustainability. By minimising waste through efficient processing and extended shelf life, manufacturers can contribute to a more responsible food chain. Additionally, the steam/air process reduces water consumption compared to traditional methods, further bolstering environmental responsibility.

Partner with Holmach and Lagarde to Elevate Your Potato Products

Through the Holmach and Lagarde partnership, manufacturers can elevate their potato products, offering delicious, healthy, and convenient options that are kind to both the consumer and the environment.

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Published 26.03.2024

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