Not only does Holmach offer the best thermal processing solutions available, it has the support services in place to ensure that you get the most from your equipment through the Process, Service and Spares Division. 


Comprehensive training for technical staff, engineers and operatives is provided on all new equipment. This includes the correct production process and essential cleaning and maintenance procedures, to minimise damage and downtime. Further support is available free-of-charge via telephone or e-mail and additional site visits can be organises as required. 

Commissioning and Service

As part of our commitment to you, every piece of new equipment receives a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection and is commissioned on-site, so that we are happy that we are leaving you with a fully-functional piece of equipment. We offer a full support package from both our manufacturers and our UK-based technicians and will provide you with a recommended parts list for each installation. 


Maintenance advice is always available and service packages can be tailor-made to suit your exacting needs, which can include parts and servicing. See our spare parts page for more information.


Holmach has a history that started with founder Peter Holland in the early 1950's designing and building Hydrostatic sterilisers.  So if shelf life extension is a target, apart from years of experience,  we offer process establishment and optimisation using test facilities or equipment on loan at your facility.  We have worked on many different products from traditional food in cans and jars, to eggs, corned beef, baby food and plant proteins. We are active members of Campden BRI, IFTPS and IFST - we take the science of preservation seriously.


If you need help installing or moving one of our machines, we are able to offer a range of services, all managed by qualified and highly experienced engineers. 

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