Pasteurisers, rinsers and fillers

Niko are world leaders in the supply of in-container tunnel pasteurisers and coolers for the food industry. As well as tunnels, Niko design and build fillers for the pickles industry, including difficult products, such as gherkins, onions, sliced and quartered fruit and gherkins, as well as for shaped crisps or snacks foods.

Based in Nettetal, near Dusseldorf, Niko have supplied machinery since 1976 and employ nearly 100 people.  Specialities include pasteurisation systems for pouches, trays and very unstable containers such as those used for squeezable sauces.

Pasteurisers can be fitted with active PU control - to allow finite processing - as well as heating technology that uses direct and in-direct heating, such as tube-in-tube heat exchangers.

Liquid and solid fillers for pickles and preserves form a major part of Niko’s product range and this is complimented by the manufacturing of stainless steel rinsers, depalletisers and bottle drying units.

Typical pasteurised and cooled products include sauces, soups, jams, table sauces, vegetable and fruit juice, ready meals, condiments and dips.