Antonio Mengibar S.A

High Speed Filling and Capping Solutions

Leading the way with an impressive roster of homecare, healthcare and pharmaceutical clients including Fabulosa, Westland Horticulture, Astonish and Star Brands, Antonio Mengibar S.A. have always kept their ear to the ground, building technology that addresses real world manufacturing challenges. 

Innovations include the first trigger pump capping solution, swirl and 3-dimensional filling technology for the creation of unique patterns in personal care liquids and creams and their patented Low Reynolds filling technology which is revolutionising the handling of highly foaming products by eliminating bottom-up filling complexity.

Holmach Ltd are the exclusive UK and Eire agent for the Barcelona based manufacturer that specialises in difficult to fill solutions. From small Over-The-Counter pharmaceuticals that require multiple processes and components with filling, plugging and over capping; to hot filling; bag-on-valve for aerosols; and the handling of unique packaging using pucks and bottle orienters.

Boasting high-speed filling and capping solutions of up up to 400 bottles per minute, and patented technology to ensure high levels of accuracy and minimal wastage, Mengibar’s technology can be synchronised with stand-alone capping and filling machines or constructed as a complete filling and capping monoblock with automatic closure sorting and feeding.

Features and benefits
  • Highly accurate flowmeter filling with unique “on the fly” continuous calibration
  • Optional automatic feeding and sorting allows speeds from 40-400 containers per minute depending upon configuration
  • Patented Low Reynold Filling Nozzle Technology eliminating the need for bottom-up filling for highly foaming material
  • Suitable for a wide range of container and closure types including caps, triggers pumps and dosing pumps
  • Ideal for filling a wide range of household, personal care, cosmetics, horticultural, automotive, pharmaceutical and oil products
  • Handles Hot Fill, ATEX and corrosive products
  • Ability to synchronise with stand-alone capping machines or constructed as a complete filling and capping monoblock with automatic closure sorting and feeding
  • Heavy duty construction with no-tool changeovers