Principles of Enquiry
Principles of Enquiry

1.  Interpretation. Throughout these Principles of Enquiry ‘the Company’ means Holmach Ltd and/or any one or more of its wholly owned subsidiaries.  Subsidiary has the same meaning as that set out in Section 154 of the Companies Act 1948. 'Website' refers to the current website and 'Subsidiary pages' refers to any social media page owned and operated by Holmach Ltd., including but not limited to pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and WordPress. The 'Sender' relates to any person male or female, who contacts the company via the contact form within the website.

2.  Terms and Conditions. The Principles of Enquiry of this website are contained exclusively in the document and in any other document expressly incorporated therein. No alteration or addition to these Principles of Enquiry shall be binding on the company unless it is in writing signed by a duly authorised representative of the Company.  Neither the Company’s catalogues nor any other document issued by the Company nor any part thereof shall form part of this contract.  No condition or warranty whether implied by statute, custom or otherwise shall form part of this contract: unless it has been expressly incorporated herein.

3.   Liability. Save as set out herein, the Company shall not be liable to repair or replace any goods and shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or consequential, any defects, any failure of the goods to perform as specified or to be fit for any purpose for which they were required, any infringement by the company or the buyer or any patent (whether applied for or granted), trade mark or secret process or for any breach or any express or implied warranty or condition arising out of the sale or manufacture of the goods.  If any such liability is, contrary to this Clause, imposed by law, the maximum total liability of the Company in respect of the goods shall be limited for all loss, damage, defects, failures, infringements and breaches as aforesaid, whenever occurring, to a total sum which shall not exceed the original price of that part of the goods in respect of which such liability has arisen. The Company shall not be held liable for any incorrect information that may be published within the Website or Subsidiary sites, insomuch as such information is incomplete or inaccurate to a small degree. The Company states that information given on the Website has been published by an employee of the Company and as such may not share the Company's view. Where this is the case, the Company's conclusion will be held to be the right one, as signed by a director of the board of the Company.

4.   Force Majeure. If the Company so decides it shall cease to be liable for or, at its option, may suspend further performance of any part of this Website, if such further performances is in any way hindered by any cause arising out of war, civil commotion, strikes, lock-outs, fire, flood or other water damage, drought, Government action or restriction of any kind or any other cause of whatever nature beyond the Company’s control.

5.   Malicious messages. The Company shall not respond to any messages received through the website enquiry system that are deemed to be malicious, spam, or irrelevant to the Company. Any attempt to contact the company repeatedly via this Website will lead to the sender's details being recorded, his/her messages being blocked, and in the case where contact persists, recourse will be made to Information Commissioner following the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations issued by the EU in 2003 and any updated version of this document thereafter. Parties interested in working with, or for, the Company are directed to call through to the number listed on the website for a response. Any person interested in advertising goods or services for sale to the Company is strongly dissuaded from doing so; should this be disregarded, the applicant is encouraged to likewise contact the Company via telephone on the number listed on the website.

6.   Choice of Law. These Principles of Enquiry shall be read and construed in accordance with English Law and the partied irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.