Fillfast Custom Dosing

Transfer, Filling and Packaging Equipment for Liquid and Semi-Liquid Food Materials

In September 2019, Atlantic Engineering’s technology range joined the Holmach portfolio.

Incorporated in 1989, Atlantic Engineering of Belgium have become an international market leader in transfer, filling and packaging equipment for liquid and semi-liquid food materials.

Atlantic’s unique filling technology complements Holmach's existing thermal processing solutions, whilst supporting the sustainability and cost reducing objectives of the UK and Ireland’s food manufacturers.

Innofill and Viscofill
The patented Innofill by Atlantic aims to reduce plastics use and minimise transport costs and waste, whilst improving food quality - all in one compact solution.

Aiming to reduce plastics used by 90% when compared with 3, 5 and 10 litre buckets, Innofill and Viscofill by Atlantic® were designed as large pre-formed bag fillers that can be connected directly to a cooking vessel such as a Roboqbo or a Perficooker or used as a standalone solution.

The flowmeter or servo piston filling means that every bag has the correct volume, eliminating inaccuracies from time/pressure type systems.

Hermetic sealing of the bags ensures hygiene and security, whilst ensuring they’re suitable for secondary pasteurisation when needed. Alternatively, the bags can be loaded into batch or continuous coolers prior to going straight into chilled storage.

As well as filling bags to reduce the packaging for transportation or the storage of ‘work in progress’ ingredients, Atlantic’s technology is also able to fill other types of containers.


Alongside Innofill, Atlantic have a range of compact FillFast piston fillers. All pumpable products, both liquid and pastes and mixtures with solid pieces can be dosed undamaged with high accuracy, from sauces and jam to meat mixes and mashed potato.

With built in CIP, and simple dismantle processes, the fast changeover times make Atlantic’s technology ideal for a line operating multiple products.