Mixing, Emulsifying, Cooking, Cooling, CIP and Rapid Heating

In 2019, Perfinox’s range of cooking and cooling technology suitable for products such as sauces, ready meals and baby food joined the Holmach portfolio.

Founded in 1998, Perfinox manufacture components and systems for cooking, cooling, CIP and rapid heating and cooling.

With their wide experience in products such as sauces, ready meals and baby food, Perfinox’s end-to-end Perfiprocess solution offers the versatility and innovation needed for the dynamic UK market.

The Perfiprocess starts with the Perfitech, a compact production unit for processing liquid-based products with various viscosities, with or without particulates. Combining mixing, emulsifying, cooking, cooling and built in CIP in one system, this user-friendly machine ensures a repeatable, high quality production process for applications including mayonnaise, soups, pates, ready meal components and fruit preparations.

The Perficooker and Perficooler are high efficiency cooking and cooling vessels with capacities of between 500L and 3000L. With easy installation and short process times, their designs allow for gentle product handling and high cleanability.

The PerfithermTM is a vertical scraped surface heat exchanger focusing on delicate handling with good mixing without shear, unless required. With low back pressure and a large surface area for heating and cooling, one machine can be used for a continuous process, taking the place of multiple units.

The Perficlean automatic cleaning system (CIP) is a cleaning method of the internal surfaces of piping, tanks, process equipment and their respective accessories, without the need to perform any disassembling.