Continuous Cooking and Cooling

In early 2020, Lyco Manufacturing Inc’s range of continuous cookers and coolers for products such as rice, pasta, pulses, vegetables and grains officially joined the Holmach portfolio.

With sustainability and minimising production costs in mind, Lyco’s designs use less energy, less water and produce higher quality products in a smaller footprint.

With the increased demand for plant-based, Lyco’s cookers, coolers and blanchers have come into their own with uniform cooking, cooling and rehydration solutions for pulses and the blanching and hydration of vegan proteins including soy and tempeh. Their innovative rotating drum design cookers and coolers designed to gently agitate the product proved to be a game changer for hydrating kidney, pinto and black-eyed peas when they eliminated cylinders with centre shafts, which were an obvious design weakness of earlier solutions.

With their mission to address manufacturing challenges, Lyco developed their patented Hydro-flow™ steam injection turbulent bath to allow perfectly homogenous even cooking of products including pasta and noodles, with reduced energy and 10-15% yield increases over traditional CQC systems.

With fast changeovers and virtually no maintenance, Lyco’s Clean-Flow and Cookers/Coolers revolutionise the production of rice and pasta for ready meals as well as pulses and beans for plant proteins.