Holmach Ltd & Lagarde Autoclaves Offer a Strategic Advantage for Meat Manufacturers in the Slow-Cooked Market

As the culinary landscape shifts towards slow-cooked comfort, Holmach Ltd are inviting food manufacturers to capitalise on consumer preferences by embracing Lagarde’s innovative retorting technology for the production of premium slow-cooked meat products.

Using Lagarde’s patented steam/air technology and Holmach’s expertise in carefully calibrating temperature, pressure, and cooking time, manufacturers are able to unlock the full potential of each cut, ensuring optimal moisture retention, texture, and taste.

Elevated Tenderness and Flavour: Lagarde's pressurised steam environment transforms tough cuts like brisket, shoulder, and shank into exceptionally tender creations. This superior texture, coupled with deep marinade and braising liquid penetration, unlocks a symphony of flavour in every bite. Imagine melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork infused with smoky BBQ or lamb shanks exuding the warmth of rosemary and garlic.

Operational Efficiency and Shelf-Life Optimisation: Lagarde’s retorts significantly reduce cooking times compared to traditional slow-cooking methods. This translates to increased production capacity, lower energy costs, and an overall boost to operational efficiency. Additionally, the pasteurisation process inherent to retorting extends shelf life considerably, minimising spoilage and unlocking wider distribution opportunities.

Convenience Meets Premium Quality: Consumers yearn for high-quality, slow-cooked meals without the time commitment. Lagarde’s retorts bridge this gap, allowing manufacturers to deliver restaurant-quality texture and flavour in convenient, ready-to-eat formats.

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Published 23.01.2024

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