Wilkin & Sons Add More Roboqbo Processors
Event On 11.01.2021
Holmach Ltd facilitate high quality-small batch manufacture with Roboqbo   Holmach Ltd has installed two further... > more
Moma makes marvellous muesli...
Event On 26.02.2019 we think, in any case. Moma Foods, one of the UK’s leading specialist, oat-based breakfast cereal companies, is using... > more
NIKO provides cool dressings for tasty salads
Event On 04.02.2019
Baxters Food Group, one of the UK’s leading food brands, has installed a Holmach/NIKO tunnel cooler for handling a range of... > more
Further Lagardes for Forthglade Foods
Event On 04.02.2019
Known as a pet food brand that focuses on the good stuff, not grains and ‘nasties’, Forthglade Foods is investing in... > more
Roboqbo's sweet introduction to new free-from range
Event On 04.02.2019
Peter Ahye, Founder of Freaks of Nature, has always had an entrepreneurial streak, which began with selling mangoes on the... > more

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