Wilkin & Sons Add More Roboqbo Processors

Holmach Ltd facilitate high quality-small batch manufacture with Roboqbo


Holmach Ltd has installed two further Roboqbo processors for Wilkin & Sons of Tiptree.  As one of the world’s leading producers of preserves and condiments, Wilkin & Sons hold a Royal Warrant, and have many dedicated fans of the brand. Their range of products is broadening to encapsulate other premium sauces and spreads, henceforth the requirement for more Roboqbo units.


Shane Waughman, Operations Manager at Wilkins spoke about their choice: “We evaluated a number of different suppliers for our new project, despite already having experience of Roboqbo for sauces and condiments. We were determined to find the best solution for Wilkins’ premium products. This turned out to be Roboqbo which gave the best product quality and refinement. We have had good support from Holmach, so we were pleased to be able to take delivery of two more of the machines”


Aimed at food producers who are looking for the ultimate in product quality, the Roboqbo range of cut-cook-cool process vessels are at the forefront of high quality-small batch manufacture. The inbuilt CIP allows both quick rinses or allergen cleans between batches. An interchangeable set of tools allow everything from milling and refining to mixing and aeration.  Machine sizes range from 15 to 550 litres in size, with processes typically taking 15-20 minutes. The ability to cool products either through the jacket or using vacuum is also included.

Published 11.01.2021

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