Native Starches - Going Back to Basics can Equal Significant Cost Savings

Perfitherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Represents the Perfect Solution to Lower Production Costs of Personal Care, Laundry and Food Products, without Compromising on Quality


Modified starches represent a huge investment on a manufacturer’s balance sheet but with both consumers and manufacturers feeling the pinch, we are advocating going back to basics with the use of native starches where viable, offering a significant financial saving without compromising on quality.


A modified starch has been chemically or physically treated to change its properties, which is expensive and can be logistically difficult to manage.


Native starches are more readily available as they’re extracted directly from plants, such as corn, wheat and potatoes, and then dried.

Perfinox’s Perfitherm has been designed for the continuous processing of viscous and other challenging products, making it ideal for the pre-gelling of native starches. Rapid heating of the flour base to up to 85oC for 5 minutes, followed by rapid cooling, creates the perfect starch gel that can be fed directly to a personal care, laundry or food processing line.

For cold-filled products such as clean-label mayonnaise, through to fabric conditioner and shampoo, native starches are a real alternative for their more expensive and sometimes ‘over-engineered counterparts. As long as the process doesn’t involve too much heat for a long period of time, native starches offer comparable versatility, stability and quality.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use native starches or modified starches is a complex one that should be made on a case-by-case basis, but the cost savings warrant manufacturers at least taking a look.

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Published 14.12.2023

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