Soups & Sauces

Holmach has long worked with leading producers on the development of ready to cook products such as soups and sauces with reference sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

Roboqbo’s vessels offer a complete process at the touch of a button for high quality batch cooking of sauces and soups with vivid colours and flavours. One of Holmach's UK clients currently uses the full size range of Qbo vessels to produce premium sauces with an artisan flavour for a high street retailer and to conduct sauce NPD work in-house.

Tunnel coolers for hot filled soup in pots and gable topped cartons are built by Niko of Germany. The production manager at the site of a recent Niko cooler installation commented that "the Niko offer was a good fit for our requirments. The machine is well built, was delivered withim our required (and very tight) timetable and has performed to our specifications". Tunnel coolers are in their very nature bespoke machines, but Niko's modular design for these units allows the machines to be lengthened or even converted from just cooling to adding a headspace or a full pasteurisation step.

Lagarde as the world's leader provider of autoclaves has an established reputation for the retorting of soups and sauces in pouches, pots, trays, cans, jars and bottles and is trusted by many of Holmach's clients to pasteurise ingredients for use in the manufacture of ready meals. With container integrity ensured, Lagarde Autoclaves enable clients to manufacture great tasting stable foods with an extended shelf life. Jorgensen Engineering works alongside Lagarde to create bespoke solutions for semi- to fully automatic robotic lines for retorts, increasing factory efficiency and batch speed.

UHDE also offers High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems suitable for soups and sauces. Through treating materials suspended in water at pressures of 6000 bar. This has the effect of rupturing microorganisms, without the need to heat the product, while leaving smaller particles unchanged. Products can be packed in sachets, skin packs, doy-packs or trays, and any raw ingredients will remain so once treated. It’s particularly suited to products that cannot take any heat, as there is no thermal destruction of enzymes and vitamins, and to high value items such as shellfish.

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