Seeds, Nuts & Spices

Holmach has a respected position as an authority on the subject of spice sterilisation. Chris Holland, Managing Director, recently gave a keynote speech at the International Spice Congress in Goa, concerning the requirement of decontamination herbs and spices prior to use as food ingredients. Indeed, current interest in natural ingredients such as nuts, seeds and raw spices validates this foresight, with frequent food recalls due to under-processing.

Revtech of France has created a revolutionary technology for the pasteurisation of dry ingredients in an accurate and homogenous manner, as the only company to claim a validated reduction in microbial populations of 7 logs and the approval of the Californian Almond Board. Capable of processing a wide variety of nuts, seeds and spices while preserving the integrity of delicate whole foodstuffs such as walnuts, Revtech's technology can pasteurise as well as toast or roast without stripping the ingredient's essential oils which naturally prevent rancidity. With reference sites worldwide and in the UK, the growing numbers of recalls for dried goods suggest that manufacturers will face increasing pressure to ensure sterilization of every component, dried or otherwise, and with Revtech's system clients can be assured of a safe process.

For spice pastes, nut butters and herb purées, Roboqbo provides a cut-cook-cool vessel capable of creating vividly coloured foodstuffs with distinct organic flavours. The Qbo line can also pasteurise and cool, which is ideal when handling ingredients such as raw sesame seeds when making tahini oil for hummus - all of which can be made on a single Qbo unit. 
Holmach also offers a solution for processing and cooling nut pastes with a premium scraped surface heat exchanger, enabling clients to extend shelf life on products such as peanut satay sauce.

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