Decontamination, Roasting & Toasting

Revtech’s process systems are based on the innovative principle of an electrically heated and vibrating spiral tube, which ensure that dry products within the system advance due to vibration. The product is heated using the Joule effect of radiant heat, which means that steam is applied at very low levels to sterilise the product. This avoids stripping the surface of essential oils that can lead to rancidity. After treatment with this vibrational technology Sporular forms are highly reduced, and yeasts, molds, salmonella and E. Coli are all completely eradicated.
Providing a level of product quality preservation that is unique to the market, Revtech technology has three distinct advantages. Firstly, there is excellent preservation of organoleptic properties, due to the small amount of steam that is required by the process. Secondly, no visible difference in physical appearance between treated and untreated products can be perceived, as the process operates at atmospheric pressure. Finally, the system requires only a very low power consumption, has a reduced cleaning time of 1 hour, has negligible maintenance costs and needs only one operator to run a complete unit.
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