Holmach works with Niko of Germany to supply air rinsers for a wide variety of process lines in the UK, many of which are established units in daily operation even after thirty years of service. Installing a Niko air rinser has the advantage of allowing clients to handle a wide range of sizes for round or shaped jars and bottle, with no change parts required between changeovers - the unit simply adjusts the belts in and out to pre-set positions using the motorized adjustment fitted in the control system.  

Suitable for the removal of foreign materials for glass jars, plastic and paper packs, Niko's air rinsers operate inside a monoblock. The product is first turned upside down before being purged with product, de-ionized air or rinsed by water, with instrumentation fitted to ensure consistent flow and pressure of the rinsing medium. The pack would then be re-orientated to an upright position, leaving the machine stood on the conveyor belt. Machines speeds range from 30 to 500 containers per minute, via frequency controlled drives, with a fitted catch pan and vacuum system to effectively remove and dust or foreign materials. Suitable for containers up to 140mm in diameter, Niko's air rinsers have spring loaded rubber jaws that are width adjustable to enable the machine to handle a wide range of container shapes, including round, square and oval.

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