Pet Food

Holmach has an established history of working with the leading pet food manufacturers in the UK & Ireland to develop the best possible product for companies and customers alike.

Lagarde has long been respected for the use of its autoclaves in pet food processing and is a world leaders for retorting containers such as pouches, plastic trays and plastic pots. Holmach has reference sites in the UK and Ireland for a wide range of petfood manufacturers, including many household names. Jorgensen Engineering works alongside Lagarde Autoclaves to create bespoke solutions to fit semi to fully automatic handling systems for retorts, to increase efficiency in batch production. Holmach has recently installed an entirely robotic handling system and two retorts for a premium petfood producer in the UK.

Holmach's other suppliers provide a wide range of supporting technology for petfood processing and filling. Revtech's patented technology decontaminates dry ingredients such as chicken meal and extruded dry foods to ensure the elimination of Salmonella, with a validated 7 log reuduction in microbial populations. 

UHDE also offers High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems suitable for pet foods. Through treating materials suspended in water at pressures of 6000 bar. This has the effect of rupturing microorganisms, without the need to heat the product, while leaving smaller particles unchanged. Products can be packed in sachets, skin packs, doy-packs or trays, and any raw ingredients will remain so once treated. It’s particularly suited to products that cannot take any heat, as there is no thermal destruction of enzymes and vitamins, and to high value items such as shellfish.

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