Holmach has a long history of working with clients in the UK in the preserved foods sector, supplying pasteurisers, blanchers, air rinsers, tunnel coolers and transport systems. Niko, our German supplier, conceive, design and construct machines for the heating, pasteurizing, cooling, filling and transport of diverse foodstuffs, and is experienced in creating unique solutions to process problems. With models built entirely of high quality stainless steel, there are many Niko installations in the UK and Ireland in daily operation, some of which are more than thirty years old.

As Europe's leading manufacturer of tunnel pasteurisers and coolers, Niko focus on ensuring maximum energy efficiency and recovery. Niko's unique and patented low friction pump system, requiring 50% of the energy per hour of a conventional "off the shelf" model, gives double the equivalent flow per Kw/hour of competing models. Tunnel pasteurisers are by their nature bespoke machines, being tailored to the duty required of them. However, Niko's modular design for this equipment allows for machines to be lengthened, adding cooling phases, a headspace, or a full pasteurisation step for coolers.

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