Fillers and Closers

From edible oils and bolognese mix, to corrosive liquids and personal care items, Holmach's experience in fillers and cappers is extensive, derived from years of providing practical advice to our customers on how to achieve the perfect product.

Leading the way with an impressive roster of homecare, healthcare and pharmaceutical clients, Antonio Mengibar S.A. have always kept their ear to the ground, building innovative filling and closing technology that addresses real world manufacturing challenges. 

Their innovations include the first trigger pump capping solution, swirl and 3-dimensional filling technology for the creation of unique patterns in personal care liquids and creams and their patented Low Reynolds filling technology which is revolutionising the handling of highly foaming products by eliminating bottom-up filling complexity.

Fillfast by Atlantic have become an international market leader in transfer, filling and packaging equipment for liquid and semi-liquid food materials.

Their unique filling technology that includes Innofill and Fillfast Piston Fillers complements Holmach's existing thermal processing solutions, whilst supporting the sustainability and cost reducing objectives of the UK and Ireland’s food manufacturers.

For further information on Mengibar's fillers and cappers please click here and for more information on Fillfast's Custom Dosing Solutions click on the link below.