Cut-Cook-Cool vessels are capable of refining, reducing, mixing, chopping, heating and cooling witth vacuum and pressure cooking, making it possible to create a wide variety of products in one vessel, all at the touch of a button.

Roboqbo manufactures cut-cook-cool vessels in sizes from 15 litres for NPD work to 250 Litres, meaning that an initial NPD process can easily be scaled up to industrial production. The advantage to reduced cook times under vacuum or pressure is that the intense colours of products are well-retained, making these jars visibly stand out on the shelf. As the Qbo vessel is capable of storing recipe information and parameters, cooking in the unit is as easy as loading the ingredients, closing the lid and pressing a button to start the process. As you might have guessed, the other advantage to such a quick process time is that the flavour of your ingredients gets locked into the sauce, creating a vivid taste that could take centre stage on any plate.

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