From preserves to chutneys, mayonnaise to pesto sauce, Holmach has helped clients develop new and innovative flavours for the side of meals on many household tables. Mackays of Arbroath recently chose Roboqbo to develop some fantastic new products under their premium brand, Mrs Bridges, using sophisticated cut-cook-cool technology.

Considering their recent installation, Paul Grant, the company’s Managing Director summarized:

“Having looked at other vessels we could not find one unit that gave us the range of processing options in a single machine. The vacuum process means fantastic mayonnaise and great flavour and colour on our mustards and dressings.”

Roboqbo’s vessels offer a complete process at the touch of a button for high quality batch cooking of condiments with vivid colours and flavours. Niko of Germany create specialist filling equipment for factory lines handling pickled vegetables and particulate condiments, tunnel coolers and rinsers. 

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