From filling and capping to liquid pasteurisation, Holmach works very closely with companies leading innovation in beverage processing and packaging.

From Italy, CFT S.p.A offers lines for filling, closing and sealing products using volumetric, weigh and flow meter filling to suit all kinds of liquids into ring pull cans and bottles. With its innovative Magic Hotfill technology, CFT guarantees consistent temperatures for liquids filling via a recirculation system, with a product recylce range of only 5-10% under all working conditions. Other advantages of this system include spillage free bottle transfer between filler and capper (even with large neck finishes) and the separation between product and bottle air, which is extracted through another tube to avoid contact with the incoming fresh product and therefore reduce oxidation. Also able to fill cloudy products containing pulps and fibers, clients choose CFT Hot fill systems for fruit juices, energy drinks, isotonic drinks and ice teas. In the filling sector, CFT is particularly experienced in processing and filling beverage concentrates and fruit, with reference sites and installations worldwide.

Lagarde Autoclaves, France, also retorts liquids, sterilising milk and isotonic drinks with active ingredients in low acid products that need a microbial elimination.

UHDE also offers High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems suitable for beverages. Through treating materials suspended in water at pressures of 6000 bar. This has the effect of rupturing microorganisms, without the need to heat the product, while leaving smaller particles unchanged. Products can be packed in sachets, skin packs, doy-packs or trays, and any raw ingredients will remain so once treated. It’s particularly suited to products that cannot take any heat, as there is no thermal destruction of enzymes and vitamins, and to high value items such as shellfish.

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