Baby Food

Holmach has been closely involved with some of the UK & Ireland’s largest premium baby food producers, advising clients on the use of retorts, robotic handling and cook-cool vessels for these foods. We have a range of reference sites for the production of both Stage 1 (thick liquids of one ingredient blended until completely smooth) and Stage 2 (thicker consistency blends with multiple ingredients) baby foods Alongside the jars and bottles of baby food which Lagarde Autoclaves has long retorted, customer can choose from a variety of other packaging formats, including squeezable pouches with screw caps and plastic pots. In addition to this versatility, the fast process time ensures a maximum retention of the raw ingredients' organoleptic properties and nutrients. Take note: the FDA are soon to release a further requirement for producers stating that all extended shelf life baby food must be retorted.

Kealth Foods recently chose to install a Lagarde retort to process Truly Scrummy baby food in pouches. In the words of the company's Managing Director at the time, this decision allowed the company to “always ensure the best quality as well as complying with ever increasing reporting requirements”. 

In order to retain the original flavours, Lagarde’s autoclaves gently steam foodstuffs to achieve beautiful baby food in pouches. Jorgensen Engineering create bespoke solutions to fit semi to fully automatic handling lines for retorts, to increase efficiency in batch production. Roboqbo, supplier of cut-cook-cool vessels, offers machines that produce gourmet food within one cycle, including smooth purées, chunky sauces and hearty soups for artisanal producers of baby food. 

UHDE also offers High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems suitable for baby foods. Through treating materials suspended in water at pressures of 6000 bar. This has the effect of rupturing microorganisms, without the need to heat the product, while leaving smaller particles unchanged. Products can be packed in sachets, skin packs, doy-packs or trays, and any raw ingredients will remain so once treated. It’s particularly suited to products that cannot take any heat, as there is no thermal destruction of enzymes and vitamins, and to high value items such as shellfish.

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