Reduce Plastic & Keep Food Safe - Kick The Bucket!

Holmach Ltd and Atlantic Engineering work together to make eco-friendlier manufacturing operations

Holmach Ltd’s new partner, Atlantic Engineering of Belgium have developed and patented a solution that aims to cut plastics use, reduce transport costs, waste and improve food quality all in one compact solution. Working together, they are bringing this patented solution that makes eco-friendlier manufacturing operations to the UK market.


Aiming to reduce plastics used by 90% when compared with 3, 5 and 10 litre buckets, INNOFILL BY ATLANTIC® is a large pre-formed pouch filler that can be connected directly to a cooking vessel. A 15 litre bucket version is also currently in development.


With hygienic design at the forefront, the flowmeter or servo piston filling of bags means that every bag has the correct volume, eliminating inaccuracies from time/pressure type systems. Using impulse sealing technology, each bag is safely double sealed creating a high integrity closure without the need to apply heat, with no clips or leaking closures and a tear tab is included so knives are not required for decanting later. There is also a re-closeable spout option available.


This hermetic sealing of the bags not only ensures food hygiene and security, but also allows the bags to receive a secondary pasteurisation or sterilisation process if cold filling is preferred. Alternatively, the pouches can be loaded into batch or continuous coolers prior to taking straight into chilled storage.


The use of the pouch means that pouches can be shipped in cardboard outers, or in re-useable trays, reducing the space needed to dispose of empty containers as the pouch can be compacted for disposal.


In conjunction with Atlantic Engineering, Holmach offer Lyco Manufacturing Chill-Flow™ continuous pouch cooling technology providing rapid heat removal. Compared with tumble chilling, the Lyco system guarantees first in first out handling and complete control of cooling times. The use of heat exchangers minimises the consumption of water can cool twice as fast as conventional technologies.


Holmach Ltd’s Director of Sales Lewis Peasgood comments, “We continue be at the forefront of process optimisation and environmental commitments through our technology, which is why the eco-friendly impact of Atlantic Engineering’s innovative and patented concept is a significant development. Both our companies pursue the same objective of providing ultimate solutions of hygienic design, safety and cost-reducing processes in the food industry and industrial kitchens whilst optimising product quality.”

Published 02.02.2021

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