Perfinox Launches New Tiltable Cooking Solution

Replicate restaurant quality meals on a commercial scale

The UK market is seeing a clear shift towards finding healthier ways to process food that offers convenience in a time-poor society, without compromising on quality.

Perfinox’s new tiltable unit has been designed to speed up the production of high-quality ready meals.

Designed for frying, cooking and cooling in one single unit, the new tilting feature addresses a long-term manufacturing challenge by simplifying the transfer of highly viscous products such as pasta fillings and corned beef for further processing. For non-viscous products, a pumping solution is built into the design.

The Perficooker’s fully opening lid allows for the layering of ingredients from the bottom up.

Replicating restaurant quality Bolognese on a commercial scale

  • A deliciously simple Bolognese sauce would start with the caramelising of the onions and celery and then the ground beef would be added.
  • With a 5-bar bottom jacket, heat transfer is fast, ensuring that all of the ingredients are cooked quickly without the risk of burning and sticking.
  • When the tomatoes, stock and seasoning are added, OAL’s Steam Infusion® ensures a gentler cook.
  • A built-in agitator pulls all of the flavours together ensuring a fully homogenous process, and the pressure and vacuum capability ensure rapid heating and cooling without vapour loss, resulting in retained volatiles that maintain and enhance the organoleptic properties of the final recipe.

Direct Steam Infusion® allows the creation of a vortex using low temperature steam to avoid Maillard reactions. This produces rapid heat transfer without burning. Vacuum processing allows rapid cooling as well as the potential for concentrating stocks and sauces. CIP means changeover between batches is quick and easy, making the Perficooker the ideal solution for a wide range of recipes from mashed potato to vegetable soups with particulates.

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Published 14.12.2022

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