Lagarde launch rocking retorts


Holmach are delighted to be introducing the new Rocking System®, launched last year by Lagarde Autoclaves. This is an exclusive application that uses the basket’s loading and unloading system to agitate the product load, whilst sterilisation or pasteurisation takes place.

This first steam and air retort Rocking System® will reduce cycle times, whilst retaining the products’ organoleptic qualities and carefully respecting the packaging shape.

The benefit of a rocking machine is particularly seen with milk applications, as this reduces the challenges of the Maillard effect - a non-enzymatic reaction between sugars and proteins that occurs upon heating, that causes the product to caramelise/brown.

Machine configurations are available in 1- 4 baskets and the system is easily adapted for all container types. It is most efficient with high viscosity products such as soups, sauces and cream dishes. As with other Lagarde machines, the Rocking System offers high rates of efficiency, low energy consumption and is also compatible with the latest user-friendly interface, the S.U.® Control System.

With expert guidance from Lagarde and Holmach personnel, producers can configure the optimum movement for each process. Test facilities are available to customers in both the UK and France.

To find out more about how a rocking retort can improve your high viscosity products, call the experts now on 01780 749097

Published 16.03.2018

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