Holmach Ltd PPMA Preview - 26-28 Sept 2023


We'll be showcasing how all of these are possible at this year’s PPMA Show


With consumer spending under pressure, manufacturers are actively looking for ways to maximise production and extend shelf-life whilst minimising costs. All of this at the same time as fulfilling sustainability and nutrition objectives. This year at PPMA, we will be demonstrating how these targets are achievable without compromising on product quality.


In fact many of our customers have reported notable improvements in product quality as a result of their market leading technology solutions. From reductions in salt and sugar and improved mouth feel in food products, through to improved texture and more secure caps and triggers on non-food products.


On Stand C30, we will be showcasing the advanced capabilities of our market leading technology solutions for applications including personal care, homecare, food and industrial.


Roboqbo's universal processing system is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used to create a wide variety of products from lipsticks and mascaras, to sauces, ice cream and pet food. This compact solution can cook, cool, concentrate, knead, refine, cut, mix, homogenise and pulverise in one single unit, minimising production times and improving product quality and consistency. The system's vacuum function helps to prevent oxidation, with the precise temperature control ensuring even cooking and cooling throughout.


Leading manufacturers are looking to Perfinox’s Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger for the heating and cooling of ingredients for the manufacture of products, including toothpaste, shampoo, pasta sauce and soup. The rapid inline heating and cooling capabilities of the Perfitherm clearly demonstrate a time saving, whilst preserving the active ingredients and maintaining the positive texture and taste.
The built in CIP and SIP solutions allow for the fast changeover of lines, enabling manufacturers to use Perfinox's technology for multiple product applications.


Boasting customers including Fabulosa, Astonish, and Westland Horticulture, Mengibar specialise in difficult to fill solutions. From small Over-The-Counter pharmaceuticals that require multiple processes and components with filling, plugging and over capping; to spray cooking oils; hot filling; bag-on-valve for aerosols; and the handling of unique packaging using pucks and bottle orienteers.


With high speed solutions that are adaptable to a wide range of container and closure types, Mengibar’s technology can be synchronised with stand-alone capping and filling machines or constructed as a complete filling and capping monoblock with automatic closure sorting and feeding.


To find out more visit us on Stand C30 from 26-28 September at the NEC in Birmingham.


For thermal processing expertise and further information on our market leading technology solutions, call 01780 749097 or email

Published 10.08.2023

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