Filling and Closing Solutions for Corrosive Liquids

Due to the damage that corrosive products such as acids and bleaches have historically caused to filling and capping machines, many manufacturers opted for cheap plastic machines with the expectations that they would only offer a short-term solution.

Antonio Mengibar S.A’s team of engineers are very passionate about addressing real world engineering challenges and they strongly believe that technology investments should be reflective of a long-term plan and not a quick fix. However, they are also conscious of customer budgets, so they developed a series of robust, corrosive-proof technology solutions that represent a competitively priced solution.

These filling and capping solutions from the Barcelona based manufacturer have been designed specifically for applications in hazardous and extreme environments. The technology designs fully consider the potential risks to the stability of electronic devices, plastic and steel components when they’re continuously exposed to salt, humidity and chemicals.

Robust machine design has been combined with the strategic use of materials including titanium and hastelloy, with a Halar® coating. Hastelloy is a nickel metal that is alloyed to increase corrosion resistance through the addition of molybdenum and chromium with Halar being a semi-crystalline melt processable partially fluorinated polymer.

Materials with superior corrosion resistance and polyamide coatings are used to ensure the durability and strength of all materials and components.

In a recent project, the customer’s Monoblock was equipped with a continuous ventilation system which involved the machine base frame, filling carousel and capping carousels. All these elements were isolated from the corrosive atmosphere and over pressurised to prevent corrosion of all the elements inside: drives, gears, electricals, bushings, electronics, etc.

Overpressure for all filling and capping turrets and the base frame, and proven fume extraction systems and gas detectors resulted in a superior corrosion-proof solution that protects the capex investment, and the health of employees, whilst minimising the environmental impact of the process.

Check out our video of Mengibar's filling and capping monoblock

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Published 14.02.2023

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