ThyssenKrupp opens Germany's largest HPP centre in Quakenbrück

We are delighted to announce that our technology partner Uhde High Pressure Technologies (part of Engineering giant ThyssenKrupp) has opened Germany’s biggest centre for high-pressure processing (HPP) of food in the Business and Innovation Park Quakenbrück (BIQ).


Investing in the safety of fresh food products the new competence centre has started operations, offering a comprehensive service package that combines contract processing, product development, expert advice, marketing and much more under one roof. Processing up to 26 tonnes of food per day, tests can be easily conducted to find out which products are suitable for high-pressure pasteurisation and how they can still be further improved. This concerns, for instance, packaging and the formulations used.


Christian Myland, CEO of Uhde High Pressure Technologies: "Hygiene and safety in the food industry are of more relevance than ever before, and by providing the HPP technology we support the continued trend for minimally processed high quality foods. Together with the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) we put our clients in a position to develop products, conduct long-term studies and do much more at the highest level.”


Treatment at 6000 bar is gentle and free of chemicals

High-pressure pasteurisation (also called High Pressure Processing or HPP) is ideal for the pasteurising high quality foods without thermal damage or need for chemical additives. Under high pressures of up to 6,000 bar such harmful organisms as pathogens, fungi and yeasts are destroyed by rupturing the cell walls, without damaging the overall organoleptic properties of the product, which is then unloaded and sent to final packaging.


Alongside the elimination of illness-causing bacteria, this significantly slows down the process of food decay and partly even prevents it in addition to maintaining valuable raw state properties, up to ten times the normal shelf life is achievable. The process is also designed to create premium products that preserves its taste, freshness and texture, which like “normal” sterilisation, require no preservatives to achieve this preservation.  The new HPP centre allows processing of a large variety of food, such as juices, purees, dairy products, meat, seafood and many more.


European wide solution

The new HPP centre offers a Europe wide solution to those wanting to develop and market products, for more information and to discuss application, visit or email

Published 18.02.2021

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