The Final Nail in the Coffin for Gas Powered Roasters

In Light of COP26 Commitments to Renewable Energy Sources, Holmach Ltd and Revtech Process Solutions are Educating the UKs Maltsters and Retail Marketeers on the Sustainable Alternative to Gas Powered Roasters


The UK malting industry is the third largest globally and with demand set to increase for craft beers and malt-based food, it is the responsibility of the UK’s maltsters to lead the way with sustainable production processes.


With malt’s property as a natural sweetener, consumers are turning to malt-based snacks. These health-conscious individuals share a passion for supporting climate change and if they understood the environmental impact of the traditional fossil fuel powered roasters that are dominating the sector, they may think twice. Powered with gas, that’s both expensive and unsustainable, these solutions can’t possibly be defined as state-of-the-art.


Introducing Revtech’s Clean Pasteurising and Roasting Solutions


Holmach’s partner Revtech Process Systems are committed to leading the charge for green powered solutions with their electrically powered continuous pasteuriser and/or roaster that roasts, puffs, steams and flavours all types of grain, making it ideal for food manufacturing and the brewing and distilling industries.


As well as providing this sustainable technology, Holmach and Revtech are committed to offering tailored educational support to the sector. As the global commitment to climate change continues, Holmach are predicting that pressure from consumers for sustainable manufacturing will significantly increase, making it a vital part of the field to fork journey and final purchase decisions.


To ensure that the sector is ready, Holmach Ltd and Revtech are openly inviting enquiries from manufacturers, retail buyers, marketeers, and any other interested parties to understand the alternatives to fossil fuel powered roasters, alongside the importance of thermal processing within manufacturing as a way to minimise food waste and the use of natural resources, whilst enhancing flavours and extending shelf-life.


The educational piece will take the form of face to face or online presentations tailored to the audience and the manufacturing objectives of each business. For further information or to book a training session for your team, email or call 01780 749097.

Published 14.01.2022

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