New Innovation for Mayonnaise Manufacturers

Holmach Ltd and Perfinox launching new Perfiline, continuous solution  for mayonnaise and other cold or hot swell dips and dressings

Many details are still under wraps, but Holmach Ltd and Perfinox of Porto are very excited to introduce the new Perfiline inline emulsion technology that’s set to revolutionise mayonnaise production with a single process that’s adaptable for all types of mayonnaise, from low fat to full fat and traditional to flavoured.

As part of Perfinox’s patented Perfiprocess, the Perfiline has been designed for high inline emulsion production at high flow rates from 2T/hr to 6T/hr.

Perfect for mayonnaise and similar cold emulsions, the Perfiline performs inline automatic ingredient dosing tailored to individual recipes and inline emulsification. With different possible combinations, back pressure devices set up the required holding time and shear rates to achieve the proper viscosities, whilst maintaining a low product temperature to ensure the product stability.

Launching in 1997, Perfinox have a strong heritage in thermal processing solutions for highly viscous products such as sauces. Alongside Holmach’s specialist knowledge that spans almost 50 years, and probably as many mayonnaise applications, manufacturers can be assured of expertise and quality that will align with their production objectives.

Priorities for both Holmach and Perfinox include supporting manufacturers with scaling up and automating their production processes, whilst reducing production times and wastage. All of this, whilst ensuring consistency and quality and maintaining sensual characteristics of the end product.

Perfinox and Holmach don’t believe in a one size fits all solutions, offering bespoke technology tailored for strict and limited footprints and specific applications.

For more details and support with upscaling or introducing a new mayonnaise production line contact Holmach on 01780 749097 or email

Published 14.01.2022

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