Moma makes marvellous muesli... we think, in any case. Moma Foods, one of the UK’s leading specialist, oat-based breakfast cereal companies, is using Revtech’s patented spiral heating technology to heat treat British Jumbo Oats used in Bircher Muesli.

Used on all different types of cereals, seeds, herbs and spices for both pasteurisation and toasting/roasting, the continuous spiral allows time temperature validation with up to 6-log reductions on spore forming bacteria.

Product is fed into the vibrating spiral from a hopper and travels upwards through the machine, ensuring the “micro-jumping” gives excellent mixing and even treatment. Steam is used only at temperature for the pasteurisation, meaning that the product is not wetted as in traditional technology used for cereal processing.

With capacities ranging from 200 to 10,000kgs/hr, the tube is used as a giant resistor to radiate heat into the product, toasting and roasting, together with cooling to ambient temperatures, can all be combined into a single machine.

Other recent Revtech installations have been to treat barley, linseed (flax), rapeseed and poppy seeds as well as marigold heads and thistle, used in thoroughbred horse feed.

Campden BRI have a Revtech unit installed in the process hall at Chipping Campden allowing potential customers to carry out product and validation trials – even flour and gums can be heat treated to ensure stability.

Published 26.02.2019

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