Major European Manufacturer Enhancing the World’s Smiles with Perfinox’s Heating and Cooling Technology

Traditionally specialising in the food industry, our market leading technology partner Perfinox are seeing increased demand for their innovations from both the household and personal care sectors.

A leading European personal care manufacturer has recently invested in a Perfitherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger for the heating and cooling of ingredients for the manufacture of toothpaste. They were looking to enhance their processes and reduce production time, without affecting the integrity of the final product. The rapid inline heating and cooling capabilities of the Perfitherm clearly demonstrated a time saving, whilst preserving the active ingredients and maintaining the positive texture and taste.

The built in CIP and SIP solutions allow for the fast changeover of lines, enabling the manufacturer to use Perfinox's technology for multiple product applications.

Using high grade materials and years of engineering excellence, Perfinox combine the technology within their Perfiprocess range to develop bespoke manufacturing solutions that focus on product quality, efficiency and sustainability. Other personal care applications that they've worked on have included shampoo and shower gel.

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Published 04.11.2022

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