Holmach and Revtech Pasteurising Solution for Organic Exfoliants

Heat treatment for profitable fruit processing by-products 

In the current world of reduce, reuse, recycle the personal care & cosmetics industry have replaced unsustainable microbeads with bio-degradable fruit stone and nut shell grit as an exfoliant within their natural creams and serums. Offering potential as a profitable by-product for fruit processors, the kibble can require pasteurisation to ensure the eradication of harmful microbial flora including Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella which is naturally occurring in the environment.

To retain the organic nature of the exfoliant whilst maximising product shelf-life, Holmach Ltd and Revtech Process Systems of France offer the ultimate green powered heat treatment solution in the form of their continuous pasteuriser.

Revtech’s innovative technology sees the fruit by-product being indirectly pre-heated in a controlled environment, prior to the use of a steam flush to achieve the wet kill. Condensation is carefully controlled to ensure there is no regrowth of micro-organisms and the treated grit can be delivered directly to manufacturers for immediate use or be stored in a clean environment in sacks or bulk bags after cooling.

Managing capacities from 200-5,000 kgs/hr the system is independently validated to 5 or 6 log reduction with destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms.

To contribute to the sustainability objectives of cosmetics manufacturers, Revtech’s technology is fully electrically powered, ensuring it can run solely on renewable sources, unlike traditional fossil fuel alternatives.

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Published 28.02.2023

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