Further Lagardes for Forthglade Foods

Known as a pet food brand that focuses on the good stuff, not grains and ‘nasties’, Forthglade Foods is investing in a future of premium products for both cats and dogs.

Processing high-meat content (85%) and mixed vegetable wet foods for pet owners’ convenience presents several challenges to an independent retailer. Having decided to prioritise the quality of the ingredients, sourcing locally, and with growing interest in its ‘grain-free’ lines, Forthglade chose a processing system that would handle particulates delicately, for a final product that stands apart from others in the market.

Having chosen to invest further in the manufacturing sites for the business, Forthglade now operate four, six-basket 1400mm Lagarde retorts as the processing technology of choice. The reasoning behind the decision relates back to the core advantages of Lagarde’s machinery.

Firstly, Lagarde’s retorts process delicate products and flavours to a high degree of accuracy. Its patented Samantha IT interface can deliver identical process for batches between =/-0.2 Celsius and 15mBar. Lagarde’s range of steam, steam/air and raining water retorts, including rotating machines, can ensure that a wide variety of containers for products and packaging remains bright and free of any deformation.

Secondly, the Samantha system itself represents a revolution in new user-friendly technology. The latest update includes the ability to control the machines remotely via a tablet or smartphone, and to designate different permission levels for users. The results of each process are automatically encrypted into FDA friendly formats and stored for up to ten years, for long-term accountability.

Forthglade Foods has launched its products into wider markets, exporting to ten countries where feedback indicates that this Devonshire company has also made its mark among discerning clients abroad. Joint Managing Director Chris Brooking had this to say about the contribution that investing in Lagarde retorts has made to the business:

“The Lagarde retorts provide reliable, energy efficient and accurate processing of our products. We have continued to invest in Lagarde retorts partly because of this, but also because of the backup and support given to us by Holmach - comprehensive servicing and training that has meant we can keep up with ever increasing demand”.

Published 04.02.2019

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